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Two proposed housing developments are returning to the Plan Commission next week and could get the Town Board’s approval as soon as Jan. 2.

Brian Myrland did not plan on becoming chief of anything when he started as a volunteer paramedic with Fitch-Rona EMS in the 1990s.

Two Verona drivers were injured Saturday afternoon in the Town of Perry after one of them, a 16-year-old girl, lost control of her car and caused a milk truck to flip over.

Eight veterans received quilts of valor on Dec. 6, at the Legion Hall. The group, composed of 20 women, recognizes veterans every second Tuesday of a month. So far the group has awarded quilts of valor to about 14 veterans since it was established January 2017.

Some Core Knowledge Charter School second-graders held a "Museum Day" last month to get hands-on experience with simple machines and magnets.

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