The city’s comprehensive plan will stay as-is – aside from any individual amendments passed – for about another two years.

Because Verona passed its comprehensive plan in 2009, just beating the state-mandated deadline of Jan. 1, 2010, it was due for an update this year. However, city officials voted unanimously and without comment Monday, Oct. 14, to keep the existing plan until after the 2020 U.S. Census data is available.

Other municipalities have chosen different routes to their required 10-year updates under the so-called Smart Growth law, passed in 1999. Some might be rebuilding them from scratch; others, like Fitchburg, which set a deadline of April, are doing quick reviews and updates of their plans.

According to a staff memo included in the Common Council’s packet, city staff determined it would be in the public interest to delay a more complete revision of the comprehensive plan to use the most current data available. Doing so will also allow future updates of the plan to be after each 10-year census.

The city held a public hearing on the plan Oct. 7 at the Plan Commission meeting after a 30-day notice and received no comments. The commission voted 7-0 to recommend reaffirming the 2009 plan.

According to state law, all land use decisions must conform to a municipality’s comprehensive plan, which addresses a wide variety of city issues, including housing, transportation, natural resources and population. When a previously unplanned area becomes ready for development or a developer wants to deviate from the existing plan, a city can amend the comprehensive plan, each of which has happened several times in Verona.

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