A propane tank malfunction set fire to a house in Verona’s Scenic Ridge neighborhood Friday, June 7.

No were injuries reported.

But the house, on the 1300 block of Hidden Valley Road, is uninhabitable because of extensive smoke damage, as well as destroyed rear windows and doors, Verona fire chief Joseph Giver told the Press on Monday.

A resident of the house declined comment to the Press on Sunday.

The fire began on the back porch of a two-story house from a 20-pound propane tank underneath a “fire table,” a decorative piece of furniture that functions as an artificial fire pit, Giver said. The fire spread onto the exterior of the house, into a second-story bedroom and then into the ceiling above.

The Verona Fire Department received a page for the fire at 10:27 p.m., and Giver called “loss stopped” at 11:10 p.m. when the fire had been completely extinguished.

A resident of the home had been showing a neighbor the fire table in an enclosed porch when she noticed there was a fire around the top of the table’s propane tank, prompting them to leave and call 911, Giver said. At the time of the call, the Verona Fire Department was responding to a vehicle accident about two miles away, on County Hwy. PB, and Giver left immediately for the fire.

The first arriving emergency unit was a police officer, who attempted to extinguish the blaze with a fire extinguisher, Giver said. An emergency release valve on the tank opened several times to prevent the tank from exploding before finally remaining open until the tank was empty.

A crew from a Fitchburg fire engine put out the fire on the exterior of the house, and after additional emergency services from Verona, Oregon and Belleville arrived, the interior fire was also extinguished, Giver said.