I run the Verona Artists and Farmers Market and work with the Verona Chamber on their three major events of the year: the spring event, Hometown Days and Fall Festival.

When I saw a note in the Verona Press about active threat training by the Verona Police Department, I felt it was my responsibility to attend. This past winter, while at a farmers market conference, I had learned about severe weather and outdoor markets. This active threat training was a natural next step.

I want to thank the VPD for a great evening of learning. I know I still have a ton to learn, but I have a good foundation to build on. I enjoy being a part of the Verona community and helping with fun community activities. But I also take my position of semi-in-charge very seriously. I strive for my events to be fun and safe for everyone.

Thanks again to all of the VPD, they taught things we all should be learning in today’s world.

Also, thanks to the Verona Fire Department. They saved my butt (well, my neighbor’s corn field) a few weekends ago. Things got a little out of hand while burning my prairie. The Verona Fire Department was prompt and super friendly, along with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

These are such wonderful services we all receive just for paying our taxes.

Mona Cassis

City of Verona