Marathon site (copy)

The RDA closed on the marathon site Wednesday, June 2.

Dale Reeves, chair of the redevelopment authority in Stoughton, said a marathon is all about crossing the finish line.

And on Wednesday, June 2, the RDA did just that, after officially closing on the land known as the Marathon site, 11 years after the commission purchased it.

Blake George agreed to purchase the former Marathon gas station at 314 W. Main St. for $72,000 and told the city’s Redevelopment Authority (RDA) he intends to build two multifamily buildings with four one-bedroom apartments.

The RDA bought the property in October 2010, and has spent more than $300,000 to clear and prepare the site for sale. Since 2017, at least six agreements have been delayed or terminated — mainly because of environmental concerns of the site — and an originally unnoticed deed restriction that had prevented nearly all residential development.

The RDA and Speedway agreed to remove the deed restrictions in June 2020, after the city agreed to a $39,000 settlement from Chicago Title Insurance Company, which had failed to find covenants and restrictions when the city purchased the property.

Reeves said he believes there is only a handful of times that has happened across the country.

Everyone jokes that the name of the site is appropriate for the process because it has been like running a marathon, Reeves told the Hub.

The agreement includes $6,900 that will be released June 2022 if the buildings are constructed and ready for occupancy, Reeves said.

George also secured a $90,000 grant from the state Department of Natural Resources to help with environmental effects of the site such as adding a barrier between the land and the bottom of the buildings, which will not have basements.

The site is expected to generate $1 million in value for the city, he said. Reeves added that the property is at the downtown’s backdoor and is a prime spot for development.

“That is what is all about it to make some good housing, and increase the tax base of the city,” Reeves told the Hub.

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