Despite the many positive steps forward for more female representation, our State Legislature is still overwhelmingly represented by men. The importance of proper representation in our state government needs to be valued – we need more women at the table when it comes to making decisions in our state.

Dane County should be a leader in electing women and people of color to public office. Yet Dane County has yet to see a female Democratic State Senator represent our area. Fortunately, Melissa Sargent is the embodiment of strong female leadership – as a mother to four boys, an active member of our community. Melissa Sargent is one of the hardest working members of the State Assembly. Melissa has the spirit and work ethic that we need to lead us.

An unfaltering woman of integrity, strong progressive values, and compassion, Melissa is a woman representing undervalued interests in our state government. Representation is one of the most fundamental necessities for a successful democracy, and we all need to work to elect a more representative government at all levels.

Electing Melissa Sargent to the State Senate will continue the strong work she has demonstrated throughout her various personal and professional roles, but will also provide the just representation of voices and communities who have been wrongly unrepresented for far too long.

Alan Guyant

City of Sun Prairie