Perry Parkway and Janesville Street signalziation layout

A rendering depicts what the intersection of Janesville Street and Perry Parkway might look like with turns signals and other features.

Plans to add traffic signals to the Perry Parkway and Janesville Street intersection would help younger motorists navigate the intersection, according to consultants tasked with improving safety there.

Trustees heard a brief presentation at its Monday, Feb. 22, meeting from design and engineering consultant SRF Consulting Group on a signalization layout over Zoom, but took no votes and did not approve any plans. SRF Consulting Group’s design is based on a three-month traffic and signal analysis that took place in late 2019. SRF Consulting Group was hired by the village back then to conduct the study after pedestrians were almost struck by vehicles in incidents at two separate crosswalks along Perry Parkway, and some members of the community requested a study of the area.

The consultant also looked at five years of crash data, where 14 collisions occurred on Perry Parkway in the past five years.

Eight were caused by what the consultant considered inexperienced drivers – teenagers ages 16-18, with most incidents involving them happening between the hours of 3-6 p.m. Seven of the 14 were angle crashes, three vehicles were rear-ended, three side-swiped and one was a vehicle-pedestrian crash.

Ten of the 14 resulted in property damage only.

The design’s proposed improvements include signals with designated turn lanes that, according to a consultant presentation, improves pedestrian safety and accommodates large trucks. Ths signals at Park Street, Wolfe Street and Perry Parkway are to be coordinated, the presentation states.

Overall, the consultant concluded, younger motorists are having difficulty traveling through the intersection and the village should develop a plan to assist them. The intersection became much busier after the village linked South Perry and North Perry in 2018, providing a direct path from Oregon High School to Janesville Street.

Signalizing with the right-turn lane could happen with minimal traffic impacts, the study states.

That option would require the village to coordinate with the Dane County Highway Department to understand its requirements for considering a traffic signal there.

Intersection visibility should be improved, the study also determined, to allow South Perry Parkway motorists a better vision of Janesville Street. It recommends removing any obstructions that might block a motorist’s view.

It also notes that as drivers leave the Wolfe Street intersection, there are no lane pavement markings or signage on the westbound lanes of Janesville Street. Based on that, the consultant recommends converting Janesville Street westbound to a signal lane.

Consultants recommend putting advanced warning signs on Janesville Street to alert drivers of the upcoming intersection, as well as refreshing painted crosswalks, installing pavement word or symbol markings and pedestrian bump outs.

Construction is set to begin in fall 2021, public works director Jeff Rau told the board.

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