The Badger Conference is raising regular-season admission to athletic events from $4 to $5, affecting Stoughton High School.

The change will take place at the first athletic event of the 2019-20 school year in August. Admission rates for regular-season tournaments and WIAA postseason competition will continue to be set separately.

Stoughton is changing its student pass and punch card systems in response to the rise in admission during the regular season.

There will no longer be a student athletic pass for sale. Instead, all students with a valid Stoughton High School or River Bluff Middle School ID will receive free admission to regular-season athletic events, which includes football, volleyball, soccer, hockey, basketball and wrestling.

A 10-event punch card will now sell for $40, and a 20-event card will now sell for $70. The 10- and 20-event punch cards will still provide savings of $10 and $30, respectively, compared to general gate admission.

Punch cards will be available for purchase at Central Registration or by contacting the Stoughton High School office. Senior, Badger Conference or Booster passes will still be accepted.

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