Anyone interested in running for public office in local or regional races has until Jan. 7 to file all of their candidacy papers.

For the City of Stoughton, Stoughton Area School District, the Town of Pleasant Springs and Dane County Board of Supervisors, the deadline to turn in all required documents is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 7. There are a few townships throughout the county that rely on a caucus system to decide candidates for the Tuesday, April 7 spring election.

The towns of Dunn and Dunkirk won’t have any elections this spring, and the Town of Rutland will decide candidates with a caucus in January.

Most races require declaration of candidacy and signatures from residents who live in the respective district in order to file for the election. Other races require the candidate to file campaign and personal finance statements.

Jon Coughlin will not be re-running for his SASD seat, nor will Janiece Bolender, a supervisor for the Town of Pleasant Springs. County Sup. Bob Salov has also filed non-candidacy papers.

To confirm the requirements for each race, contact the clerks for the city, town and school district. For Dane County Board of Supervisors, visit

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