Gazebo Musikk Opening Night

Danny Davenport offers his father Brad part of his snack as they attend the opening night of the 2018 Gazebo Musikk series with his mother Jenna.

Melodies will soon resonate in Rotary Park once again.

The free musical festival Gazebo Musikk will renew for its sixth year this summer. Kicking off May 30, the event will run for 14 weeks with a different performer every Thursday, excluding July 4, which is the opening day of the Catfish River Music Festival.

Each performance will feature concessions attendees can purchase from food trucks that area businesses and nonprofits will run.

Eight acts will return from last year’s lineup along with The Adam Bartels Band after a one-year absence. Gazebo Musikk will also feature several first-time entries.

Lake Mills alternative rock band Jake’s Room, Boston progressive rock band Earthmother and three Madison groups, Hypheria, Panchromatic Steel and Brass Knuckles Brass Quintet with Percussion all make their festival debuts.

Gazebo Musikk will take place at the Rotary Park Gazebo, 324 S. Sixth St., and will run until August 29, with each performance starting at 6 p.m.

The final show will feature steel drum band Panchromatic Steel, a season closer that Friends of Gazebo Musikk president Tricia Suess said she anticipates will be “super fun.”

Along with first-time performers, Gazebo Musikk will see a couple new food vendors.

The Wisconsin-sourced dairy of MIJO Frozen Treats will accompany the Rotary food truck on June 20, July 11 and July 18, and Belgian gourmet waffle stand WeGo Waffles will appear on June 27 and Aug. 15.

Seuss expressed excitement for the new food vendors and said that “the addition of those frozen treats on some of those Rotary nights will be very fun.”

The city is also looking to add improvements to Rotary Park and will try to secure funding for the project through community organizations and foundations, Parks and Recreation director Dan Glynn wrote in an email to the Hub. Considered additions include a restroom facility, accessible pathways and a connection between Main Street and the parking lot.

The Parks and Recreation department is continuing its collaboration with Friends of Gazebo Musikk in organizing the annual music festival.

It’s an event for “hearing different kinds of music and getting together with friends in the park every Thursday night,” Seuss said. “It’s really a summertime treat, watching the kids dance and seeing groups of people just talking with each other and being together.”

– Justin Loewen