McGlynn sells Stoughton Pharmacy

McGlynn Pharmacy on Main Street in February 2020, two months after Dan McGlynn sold the business.

Dan McGlynn, who has owned McGlynn Pharmacy since 2002, has sold both the Stoughton and Horicon locations to focus more on family and his Edgerton location, Rockmed LTC Pharmacy.

But he told the Hub isn’t going anywhere as the family, which includes Stoughton Area Senior Center Director and wife Cindy McGlynn, will still reside in Stoughton.

He said he sold the business Dec. 16, 2019, but will visit every now and then to assist the new owners with the transition.

McGlynn Pharmacy is still to remain an independently owned entity, he said, but is now owned by Sai Attalaneni and managed by Hillary Plumb. McGlynn said Attalaneni is from New York, New York and new to the area.

The Hub made attempts to contact the new ownership, but never received a reply. McGlynn said Attalanei preferred to keep a low profile for now as he settles into his new enterprise.

“He’s an independent person who invests in independent pharmacies,” McGlynn said.

But he said the new owner would prioritize keeping McGlynn Pharmacy in Stoughton with a majority of the same local employees working there.

“We had to hire new pharmacists, but a lot of the technicians and clerks are all familiar faces,” McGlynn said.

He said there were some employees who opted to not continue working for McGlynn Pharmacy, but anyone who wanted to reapply for their position was offered the opportunity to do so. Some of the pharmacists decided to work for other locations, McGlynn said.

The Stoughton location has been an independent pharmacy since 1895, McGlynn said, though with many owners. Before McGlynn owned the business, he worked there as a pharmacist since 1992, when his family moved here.

“I think all of the owners coming through seemingly have a desire and a commitment (to independence) … wanting to keep a location local,” McGlynn said. “It’s the ability to understand individual scenarios and not have to be confined by a larger (chain).”

McGlynn said he’s leaving his former business with a heavy heart and that it was a hard decision to make, but that it was for the better. He was spending a lot of time driving back and forth between locations, and said there wasn’t much time to take for himself or his family.

Now, McGlynn said he will prioritize spending time with his children – some who are going to college, others who are in sports and a son who is heavily involved in theater.

He said presiding over one pharmacy rather than three will be an adjustment, but a welcome one.

“We had a great experience owning a business in Stoughton,” he said. “I’m just thankful for all the customers we’ve had over the years.”

“I love the community,” McGlynn added. “That has been the hardest part of the decision.”

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