Oregon's police department is located at 383 Park St.

Though the state’s Safer at Home orders were lifted Wednesday, the Oregon Police Department is still up to the task of enforcing Dane County’s replacement measure, however it can.

The county implemented its own stay-at-home orders Wednesday, May 13, hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted the Department of Health had overstepped its bounds by extending the state’s to May 26.

Newly appointed police chief Jennifer Pagenkopf said to date, there have been no citations for Safer at Home or county violations. But the department takes about three to four calls a week for possible violations, she said, a pattern that has remained “steady.”

The chief said she’s also seen an increase in crimes related to domestic and juvenile disturbances, theft of motor vehicles, fraud crimes and other types of scams due to more people being stuck at home.

But she said traffic in the village significantly decreased, leading to a decrease in accidents.

And Pagenkopf said when the state’s orders went into effect in march, the department received multiple calls a day from people with questions about the rules.

“After approximately three weeks, calls related to the orders slowed down,” she said.

Overall, she thinks the community has been receptive to when officers engage them.

“We usually aren’t called back to the same location for more violations on that same date so this appears to be effective,” she wrote the Observer via email. “Residents have remained respectful when contacted about this.”

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