Stories to watch in 2020

Schools take center stage

Stories about schools in all three of Fitchburg’s districts topped our list for stories to watch in 2020.

The two that will be the most tangible for many people are the changes resulting from the opening of a new Oregon School District elementary school in Fitchburg and the new Verona Area High School. But Madison Metropolitan School District residents will have their fun too, as they’ll vote in one of the biggest referendums in state history.

Another big construction project will be much more visible, however, as the northern section of Fish Hatchery Road is rebuilt over two years. It’s become par for the course to have a major access point restricted, after having slowdowns on Verona Road and parts of McKee Road shut down at various times over the past few years.

Two other stories to watch involve the city’s first election under a new structure, including the first three-year term for the mayor, and the comprehensive plan update being timed (to the chagrin of some) to be finished before that election.

And finally, we’ll be keeping an eye on the rising tide of flooding in the area and whether anything can or will be done about it.

— Jim Ferolie