City of Fitchburg leaders stood at the front of City Hall’s council room with a giant rainbow flag Tuesday, June 11, as Mayor Aaron Richardson read a proclamation recognizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month in June.

A local LGBT+ leader called it a “very historical moment” for the city.

Richardson, a lifelong city resident, told the Star he looked through old meeting minutes and couldn’t find any history of the city recognizing the month before. The proclamation mentions the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the 49th of Pride Month.

“Fitchburg is dedicated to ensuring that our LGBT community and its allies have a safe and inclusive environment to celebrate diverse sexual orientations and gender identities,” Richardson said Tuesday night.

The proclamation and a rainbow flag will be put on display in City Hall to let visitors know it’s a welcoming place, Richardson said.

A similar demonstration at the state capital has been the source of some controversy with some Republicans expressing unhappiness with the governor’s decision to fly a pride flag.

Baltazar De Anda-Santana, director of Orgullo Latinx LGBT+ of Dane County, also spoke during the proclamation, thanking the city for the recognition

“The Latinx LGBT+ community, we are here, we are your neighbors, we are the folks that work very, very hard to make sure this city advances,” De Anda-Santana said.

Human resources director Sarah Olson said the city will reach out to staff to gauge interest in creating an LGBT+ employee group and look at how to attract a diverse workforce to the city.

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