June 6 marked the second time in a year Promega celebrated beginning construction on a major building here.

But company president and CEO Bill Linton cautioned the crowd not to get too used to the festivities.

“Don’t always expect that we’re going to be back here next year,” Linton told a crowd of well over 100 at the Sub Zero Parkway site. “But it does give me ideas.”

The newest addition to the biotech company’s collection of Fitchburg buildings will become a 150,000 square foot component manufacturing center north of Lacy Road. The $155 million project is expected to create 25 new jobs upon completion in early 2021, and as many as 45 within a decade, according to a company media release.

It joins the initial campus on East Cheryl Parkway, which includes the research and design facility now under construction. That $190 million, 270,000 square foot building is set for a 2020 opening after its groundbreaking last July.

Last week, speakers from the city, Promega and contractors celebrated their motivation for being involved with the project, later tossing sticks into a giant fire burning behind them during the speeches. As Linton threw his into the flames, fireworks were set off and colorful streamers filled the air before falling to the fresh dirt that had been prepared for construction.

Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson called Promega an “ideal partner for Fitchburg” and thanked the company for continuing its expansion here.

In February, the city expanded Tax Increment Financing District No. 9 to help fund this project as well as a nearby Sub-Zero building. The specific amount has not been specified yet and will have to be approved through a development agreement.

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