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Verona Area School District support staff will get base wage and supplemental raises after the Verona Area School Board voted to approve the collective bargaining agreement with Verona Area Support Personnel Association at the board’s Monday, Feb. 15, meeting.

Verona Area School District’s support staff will receive the full increase in base and supplemental wages for the 2020-21 school year as allowed by law.

The Verona Area Board of Education approved an increase in base wages of 1.81% at its meeting Monday, Feb. 15, as well as increased supplemental wages for some of the longest-tenured employees. The supplemental increase is intended “to support longevity,” according to a memo from the district’s human resources department.

Combined, the wage increase for support staff negotiated by the district and Verona Educational Support Personnel Association, which represents staff such as custodians and educational assistants, is 3.25%. That amounts to $225,000, with $125,000 of that going to base pay and the rest toward supplemental wage increases.

The supplemental pay is an 8% lane boost at Step 24. Traditionally, educator pay is determined through “steps and lanes,” where each year of experience is considered a step up in pay and lane increases are given to those who are more seasoned or have additional credentials. However, with the advent of Act 10 in 2011, the school district eventually changed its pay model for teachers, and the steps and lanes model only remains for support staff.

Teachers to receive 3.55% increase in wages

Increased wages will be retroactively paid out for the first day of the 2020-21 year. The board went into closed session later in the meeting for collective bargaining with Verona Area Educators Association, which represents accredited teachers.

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