SPE Read Your Heart Out 2020

Verona Area Board of Education member Debbie Biddle reads to first graders Aria Thao, Amelia Formanek, Quinton Traver and Kendall Kleinheinz during the Stoner Prairie Elementary School Read Your Heart Out event on Thursday, Feb. 13.

For the second time in less than two years, one of the Verona Area Board of Education’s at-large seats will be vacated.

Board member Debbie Biddle, who joined the board in January 2019, announced her departure from the board at the Monday, July 20, meeting. She said she and her husband will move to Illinois by the end of the month.

Biddle was appointed to fill Russell King’s vacated seat in 2019, and later won a special election to succeed him in April 2019. Biddle had won a second three-year term in April of this year.

Biddle told her fellow board members she was sad that she would not be able to fulfill her commitment to the board but appreciated the opportunity she was given to serve.

“I appreciate getting to know the community, the parents, the students, and all of you on the board, as well as the staff,” she said.

Board president Noah Roberts thanked Biddle for her service on the board, saying he saw a lot of value in the perspective that she had brought to the board’s conversations. Biddle, the first Black woman to have a seat on the board, is currently the only person of color in the majority-female group.

“I, for one, am incredibly grateful for your service and thankful for your voice and your efforts to move us forward,” he said.

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