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A five-member task force will attempt to reduce the effects of climate change in Verona.

On Wednesday, Aug. 12, the Common Council unanimously agreed to create a sustainability task force, which would aim to build green infrastructure, support natural areas, conserve natural resources and amend city ordinances to address the impacts of climate change.

The task force would be made up of a minimum of five people.

Mayor Luke Diaz appointed two citizen members: Joe Zillmer and Kirstin Reeser at the April 24 meeting. He also appointed three alders Katie Kohl (D-2)Heather Reekie (D-4) and Charlie Ryan (D-2).

Members of the public are still encouraged to participate.

One of the goals would be to work towards using 100% renewable energy for city needs by 2050.

The resolution states that the City of Verona recognizes that climate change is at a critical stage that is increasingly impacting human health and well-being, ecosystems and the economy. It states that climate change impacts youth and future generations who will be most severely impacted.

To participate in the task force contact Mayor Luke Diaz.

Contact Mackenzie Krumme at