Joe Parisi

On March 4, Dane County executive Joe Parisi recognized county employees who had served for 25 years.

Five Verona residents have spent the last 25 years employed with Dane County.

Each year, Dane County government recognizes its employees who have worked for the county for 25 years.

Verona residents Benjamin Bauman, Becky Beyer, Matthew Beyer, Vicki Brunner and Amy Nyland-Schmook were among those honored this year, according to an email from county executive communications director Ariana Vruwink.

To honor this year’s group of recipients, Dane County executive Joe Parisi and the County Board of Supervisors held a virtual ceremony during the March 4 board meeting, Vruwink wrote. During the virtual presentation, a total of 53 employees who had reached 25 years of service for Dane County were honored, according to a March 4 news release from county board chair Analiese Eicher.

Each individual received a plaque to recognize their commitment and service to Dane County, Vruwink wrote. Managers of the honorees had the opportunity to recognize their employees during the ceremony.

”I am honored to be a part of this special recognition,” Eicher said in the news release. “We have hard-working, dedicated employees serving throughout Dane County. I want to share my congratulations and gratitude for the employees we are recognizing.”

Dane County currently has 2,423 full-time employees, 275 of which have reached at least 25 years of service, according to the news release.

”This has been a tough year. We are fortunate to have such a talented workforce that has worked tirelessly to continue to provide the best service possible to the residents of Dane County,” Eicher said.

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