409, 411 and 415 East Verona Ave.

A developer is hoping for feedback on a 10,500 square foot commercial space on East Verona Avenue at the Sept. 8, Plan Commission meeting.

Verona might be getting its first Dunkin’ donuts.

A plan submitted to the city outlines a 10,500 square foot commercial development at 409, 411 and 415 E. Verona Ave. One of the potential tenants of the commercial building is a Dunkin’ Baskin-Robbins.

The plans are in the concept phase and were reviewed by the Plan Commission Sept. 8 and the Common Council Sept. 14. No action was taken, and the next step is for the developer to submit a more detailed plan to the city known as a general development plan.

Alders expressed concern during the council meeting about the aesthetics of the proposed building on East Verona Avenue. Some called it “a gateway to the city” and suggested it should have a commanding presence.

Chad Kemp (Dist. 1) said he would like to see local businesses as tenants in the proposed development, something that echoed comments in the Sept. 8, Plan Commission meeting.

The same developer is also proposing an 80-unit apartment building at 121 and 125 Berkley Road, south of the former Sugar Creek Elementary School land.

The redevelopment project would demolish 20 existing apartment units at 121 and 125 Berkley Road and replace them with the apartments. It would tear down 15 existing apartments and a commercial building, the former English Garden Floral shop, at 409, 411 and 415 E. Verona Ave. and replace them with the commercial space.

During the council meeting, the council’s Plan Commission representative, Ald. Katie Kohl (Dist. 2), reported that the developer would keep the same rent prices for any relocated tenants.

The new apartment buildings on Berkley Road, which is mostly surrounded by the city’s oldest industrial park, would cater to the “mid-range earners/working class” according to the concept plan submitted Aug. 7, which states the applicants would not be looking to work with any state or federal housing programs.

The 121 Berkley Road complex would have to be vacated and demolished before construction could start, and the 125 Berkley Road complex would not be removed until the 80-unit complex is completed, the plan states. The construction of the multi-tenant building on East Verona Avenue would start after the Berkley Road project is complete.

The Berkley Road project could start as early as the spring of 2021 with a 10-12 month construction window, the concept plan states.

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