Drive Sober campaign

The 2020 ‘Drive Sober’ campaign will run from Aug. 21 to Sep. 7.

For most drivers and passengers in vehicles, getting from point A to point B in Wisconsin is a safe experience, but for around 140 people last year, road trips turn fatal as a result of drunk drivers.

That number comes from a Facebook post by the Verona Police Department, announcing the annual “Drive Sober Get Pulled Over” campaign, which runs Friday, Aug. 21 through Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7.

Verona police officers will be joining law enforcement agencies across the state in the campaign, with a goal of getting drunk or drugged drivers off the roads before they injure or kill themselves or other civilians.

Last year in Wisconsin, there were 6,058 alcohol-related crashes that injured 2,918 people and resulted in 140 fatalities – one quarter of all traffic fatalities in Wisconsin last year – the Facebook post states.

The post states that law enforcement officers have also seen an increase in drugged driving, or operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance. Drugged driving can also include impairment from the use of legal prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Drunk or drugged driving convictions can lead to fines, loss of drivers’ licenses and jail time.

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