Verona votes on Aug. 11

Terry Heiliger looks at a voter’s ID while checking them into the Badger Book system. The state’s partisan primary was held on Tuesday, Aug. 11, where Veronans were able to vote in a primary for the state’s 80th assembly district.

Nov. 3, 2020, is expected to bring a record number of absentee ballots.

As of noon Monday, Aug. 24, City of Verona voters had made 3,287 absentee ballot requests for the election out of 9,202 registered voters.

During the Aug. 11 partisan primary, 85% of votes were cast by absentee ballots in Verona. In comparison, during the 2018 and 2016 partisan primaries, no more than 12% of votes were cast absentee, city clerk Ellen Clark said.

If the clerk’s office sees a similar percentage of absentee ballots during the Nov. 3 election, the office would mail out more than 7,800 ballots. Each absentee ballot cost $1.15 to send, Clark said.

The clerk’s office has outlined the different options for voting including absentee by mail, in person voting and in person early voting. Early voting or absentee ballots are preferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there will still be polls open on election day for people to vote in person for the presidential election.

In addition to a presidential election, the ballots will also feature elections for specific state Assembly and Senate districts, as well as an election for the House of Representatives. There are no federal Senate races in Wisconsin this year.

Residents are encouraged to request their ballots early, and return them prior to 8 p.m. Nov. 3 – otherwise, ballots are at risk of not being counted. To ensure that ballots are returned and counted, voters are encouraged to bring them to Verona City Center, 101 Lincoln St., if they complete their ballot within a few days of the election.

To register for an absentee ballot online, visit

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