Another US presidential election and once again we congratulate ourselves on our “democracy.”

As of this writing there has been no declared winner. We, the voters, got to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. What a horrible choice we were given. Donald Trump is a racist white supremacist, a sexist, a bully and not very smart.

We know what he is and yet nearly 50 percent of Wisconsin and the nation thought he was a good choice. Joe Biden is a career politician that has supported overseas wars , more jails and has been a big supporter of Wall Street and the corporations that give to him.

Half the people voted for him as well. Billions of dollars were spent on this election. But, no matter who wins we can count on more military spending. More bombs, more submarines and more fighter jets.

We can count on more money going to the wealthiest people. We can count on our poor getting poorer. We can count on more money spent on health care, but more people going without care. We can count on more destruction of our natural areas. We can count on an increased rate of species extinction.

That’s what our country is. It’s hard to have the truth be told, but that is the truth. Our country spends more money destroying the planet than it does to help it. We are all to blame.

And until we face up to what we are and what we are doing , I’m afraid we won’t be around much longer. Our obsession with more money, more extraction of resources and more violence has brought us to this stage.

People on the left are often shocked that so many people support Mr. Trump. They shouldn’t be. That is what we are. A nation built on genocide and slavery. It’s obvious that we all need to do better.

Our hatred will destroy us. It’s not Democrat versus Republican. It is the highest one percent of the one percent against all of us. Don’t let the media tell you otherwise. In the meantime, work for what is right, good and fair.

One person won’t change the world , but maybe if everyone did the right and honest thing we could have a nation and world we can all be proud of.

Tim Melin


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