To all Township of Verona voters: I support Mike Duerst for Town of Verona board supervisor.

He has served on the town board for 10 years and also has served as public works chair for the town. Mike has lived in Verona his entire life. During that time he has witnessed many changes in the area from when there was only one stoplight at the corner of Main Street and Verona Avenue through the growth of Epic and the building of the new Town of Verona complex.

Mike, who is currently public works chair, has served on the town board and EMS Commission for 10 years. He is also the EMS financial committee chair. Additionally, he has assisted in district union negotiations three times.

Mike is very much aware that agriculture makes up most of the Town of Verona’s land area. Consequently, Mike thinks it is important to have someone with his experience and knowledge sitting at the table with the other town board supervisors who currently do not have that experience and/or knowledge. Mike and his brother Tom are successful owners/ operators of a fourth-generation century farm, both of whom understand the business side of agriculture.

Because of his partnership with his brother, he knows the value of other points of view. Furthermore, because of his decades of experience not only does he have the discipline and intellect required to successfully run his farm business, but also has the discipline and intellect it takes to help address the many issues which are currently facing the town.

Mike is in favor of controlled growth in the town because he recognizes its importance to both the town’s tax base and the community. Over the past three years an extra $97,000 was realized by the town because of that added tax base.

For all the reasons stated above I hope that you’ll join me in marking your calendars to vote for Mike Duerst for Town Board Supervisor on April 6, 2021! Also I encourage you to talk with your neighbors about Mike’s outstanding qualifications.

DuWayne Hoffman

Town of Verona

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