In the Sugar Creek site, Verona has the opportunity to create a year-round community gathering space that can be accessed by all residents. There are three reasons why I support the Steve Brown and Alexander plan.

1. We don’t need a competition pool to be used three months out of the year. The paint hasn’t even dried on the TWO pools built with the new high-school. We need a great space that is big enough and attractive for the community to gather. Looking at the Steve Brown and Alexander plan, I can imagine many great family activities taking place in the park and event area.

2. We need to continue improving our Downtown. The Steve Brown Apartments and Alexander Company plan would provide more opportunities for small businesses in the mixed use building, maybe a restaurant with live music, a gift shop or yoga studio. With added housing and businesses this helps our Community to add services and options that we need for a walkable and fun downtown.

3. We need more housing, both workforce and super nice market rate. Their plan has a good number of apartments but also the scale seems to fit better. The other plan appears to have really big buildings that don’t fit very well with the houses and buildings that around the site.

The Steve Brown and Alexander plan does a good job of expanding and improving what we have but also fitting in. I urge the Common Council to select their plan. It is the best one for Verona.

Kimberly Zak

City of Verona