Window displays provide heartening messages for community

Business owners around Verona are looking to spread some joy and inspiration during the ongoing isolation brought on by last month’s stay-at-home order.

Displays of hearts have been appearing in windows around the city, part of a national movement to lift spirits. The movement appears to have begun in the midwest, but has since spread across the country and even the world.

A first grade teacher in Milton began a Facebook group called “Happy Heart Hunt” on March 18, which now has over 250,000 members. A mom in Galesburg, Illinois created the group “Heart Hunters” on March 21, which boasts over 800,000 members.

The intention is simple: create a display of hearts in windows — typically cut from construction paper — to provide happiness and positivity to people passing by, particularly children.

Verona Vision Care says to “Stay strong Verona” with its display. Kwik Trip reminds the community to “Keep smiling.”

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain,” is the encouraging message in the Home Town Preschool window.

Pizza Ranch thanks Verona for supporting local businesses with its painted hearts. Sugar River Pizza has an array of neon green, yellow and pink hearts.

The window of the Caring Center preschool has a message for its students “see you soon,” with hearts forming flowers.

The Treehouse has a rainbow of flowers in its windows, with some ‘advice from a sunflower’: “spread seeds of happiness, rise, shine and hold your head high.”

Neal Patten, community reporter, can be contacted at