Historical marker - Blacksmith Shop

A historical marker for what has been three different blacksmith shops now marks the front of Plumbing and Glass on South Main Street.

The Verona Area Historical Society has put up its first historical marker in the city.

The historical marker was mounted on 221 S. Main St. on July 28, 2020.

The brick building has been the location of Plumbing and Glass, Inc. since the 1970s, but the society’s website states the building has been home to at least three blacksmith shops in the past.

The society plans to place more markers around Verona, it stated in a Facebook post.

“Our goal is to place more of these markers around town so we might all enjoy little moments of time travel, and know that Verona still has plenty of history to put your hand on and connect with,” the Aug. 2 post read.

More information about the building’s past is available at veronahistory.com.

Neal Patten, community reporter, can be reached at neal.patten@wcinet.com.