Grace Aavang Birthday

Verona resident Grace Aavang turned 100 on Monday, Aug. 10.

The first presidential election Grace Aavang was eligible to vote in gave President Franklin D. Roosevelt a third term in office.

That 1940 election proved to be a historic one, as Roosevelt became the only American president to be elected to a third term and Congress later imposed term limits with the 22nd Amendment.

Aavang’s latest vote is also historic – this time, because of COVID-19.

On Sept. 30, at the age of 100, Aavang confirmed her absentee ballot made it to the Town of Verona clerk’s office. Nov. 3 is expected to be a record year for absentee ballots because of COVID-19.

“I was happy to vote this time,” Aavang said.

Women gained voting rights with the 19th Amendment in 1920, around the time Aavang was born.

After 82 years of eligible voting opportunities, it’s understandable Aavang can’t remember every election in which she participated. But Aavang said she is an avid participant in the civic process – and has voted every time she was eligible.

She encouraged others to do the same.

“They better get out there and vote, or they better not have an opinion,” she told the Press.

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