JNJ Craftworks

JNJ Craftworks is located on 1051 N. Edge Trail.

Jerina Julius recalls a time before the 2019 holiday season when she was in tears every day – after almost four years, she was getting ready to close JNJ Craftworks.

But the support of a loyal customer base and a busy holiday season turned Julius’ sad tears into happy ones. She told the Press last week that JNJ Craftworks is to remain open for another year – and for perhaps longer.

The gift shop carries items from paintings, to signage, to candles and artisan soaps – all locally made, Julius said.

JNJ Craftworks customers saw value in her merchandise, Julius said, some of it exclusive to her shop. Julius said she buys from artists who don’t sell their work anywhere else – they wouldn’t have had anywhere else to go.

Now it seems the 60-70 hours per week Julius said she invests into her gift shop will be worth it after all the help she received from the community. She said some customers helped her put up flyers and spread the word on social media about the expected closing.

“The word of mouth is the best referral we can give,” Julius said.

Julius said it was that effort that likely led to her discovering the store reached its target sales goal Christmas Eve.

“It’s the best gift anyone can give,” Julius said. “Everyone who supported me … I thanked them.”

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