Problems of race and equity have come to the forefront nationally in recent months, and the Stoughton Area school board is working on being a part of starting a community conversation about both locally.


Only Verona’s youngest students will be able to attend school in person at the start of the school year.

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Nearly two months after Verona Area School District’s Class of 2020 officially graduated, it’ll be recognized with a virtual ceremony.

For the second time in less than two years, one of the Verona Area Board of Education’s at-large seats will be vacated.

It’s not an in-person graduation ceremony, but the buses placed throughout the Verona Area School District are providing the Class of 2020 with a little bit of recognition for their achievements.


The new school year set for Tuesday, Sept. 1 will start like the last one finished in the Stoughton Area School District – with schools closed and students and teachers working and learning from home.


Verona Area School District administrators are recommending that the school year start with curriculum delivered virtually.

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