Primary election on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 in Stoughton.

The majority of Stoughtonites will have a contested race to vote for in the Aug. 11 primary election.

Two Democrats, Andrew McKinney (D-Cottage Grove) and Melissa Agard Sargent (D-Madison) will compete for the Democratic nomination for state Senate District 16. The seat is currently held by Mark Miller (D-Monona), who announced his planned retirement in January.

The district covers all of the City of Stoughton and the towns of Dunn and Pleasant Springs. The district also covers the north and northwestern portions of the Town of Dunkirk.

Sargent, who currently serves state Assembly District 48, is running with a platform that includes fighting for more affordable housing and increasing the minimum wage, improving public transit, investing in public education and legalizing cannabis, according to her campaign website.

McKinney, who is the Monona Grove school board president, wants to address equity and disparities in health care, schools and for people of color, as well as fighting for union rights, increased teacher salaries and increasing the minimum wage, according to his campaign website.

The winner of the August primary will go on to compete against Scott Barker (R-Sun Prairie), a firefighter for the City of Sun Prairie, in November.

The other senate district that represents parts of the Stoughton community, District 15, does not have an election this year.

There will be four local contested races on the Nov. 3 ballot that only feature one candidate in each party and will not require a primary, with three of those in the state Assembly. District 46, which covers all of the City of Stoughton minus Kettle Park West and any businesses on the western side of Hwy. 51, will feature an election between incumbent Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) and Terry Lyon (R-Cottage Grove).

In District 43, which covers all of the Town of Rutland and the southern half of the Town of Dunkirk, will have a race between incumbent Don Vruwink (D-Milton), who is seeking his third term to the assembly, and Beth Drew (R-Milton). And in District 47, which covers all of the Town of Dunn, Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg) will re-run for his seat against challenger Phil Anderson (R-Fitchburg), a Libertarian who ran in the 2018 gubernatorial race.

For the House of Representatives, incumbent Mark Pocan (D-Black Earth) is the only Democrat running, and will face Peter Theron (R-Madison), a Madison College Instructor, in the November election.

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