Our deadlines have changed.

For many years, the Hub accepted all forms of submissions until noon on Mondays. But as times have changed in the newspaper industry, our production processes have, as well.

With limited exception, our new deadlines for submissions to our calendars and opinion pages, as well as other types of reader-generated content, such as photos, is the end of the day Friday for the following week’s edition.

Readers are always welcome to submit events after this deadline, but because of space and time constraints, we can’t always ensure it will publish in the next issue. If you expect to have a submission for the following week, it can help to let us know before it’s ready.

If you have questions on the policy or how it might apply to something you wish to submit, ask editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.com or call our office at (608) 845-9559.

To submit a story idea on our website, look for the “Submit an item” dropdown menu.