The Neighborhood Free Health Clinic is now open for in-person visits, with additional mental health services.

Starting Thursday, June 18, the clinic reopened to patients at 1520 Vernon St. for appointments for the first time since March. Virtual tele-health services will continue, and individual and family therapy appointments will be available, according to a news release.

“We want to help every patient we meet work toward a healthy body, mind and spirit,” Angela Rowin, president of The Neighborhood Free Health Clinic said in a news release. “We’re especially grateful to be able to offer mental health services right now as COVID-19 is adding stress, grief and complications to our daily lives.”

The Neighborhood Free Health Clinic has implemented a new health and safety plan, and added proactive measures like pre-appointment screenings, face masks, shields and specialized cleaning services, according to the release.

For patients who prefer the virtual visits, the clinic will continue to offer the service.

“The virtual health services will give providers the opportunity to meet with patients who cannot come to the clinic or are most comfortable discussing health concerns from home,” a news release states.

The clinic serves patients who have no insurance or extremely high deductibles. It provides non-emergency treatment for chronic illnesses, primary care services and prevention and wellness care such as screenings, counseling and medication refills.

For more information, visit For appointments, call 205-0505.

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