I think maybe the WHITE WATER project that has garnered headlines about taking out the Dam, is a pet project?

The dam was recently repaired and updated. What was that expense? Does it make sense to spend money to take it out at this time?

The river was a beautiful place to picnic and fish or just sit on the stone retaining walls and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Close to zero $ $ have been invested in the river since the 1950’s. The stone retaining walls have been left in disrepair for years.

Fishermen still come to catch fish. Not as many as before because the places to fish below the dam have been left in disrepair. Much of the pond above the dam is silted in. Most remaining stone walls are unsafe. I myself suffered a back injury a few years ago due to a failing stone wall at the pond below the dam.

What’s the point here? As a guy who started fishing in Stoughton 70 years ago ... I don’t understand where the fishermen fit into the proposed “WHITE WATER” plan?

I have not heard or read anything about fishing in City planning. Are there other fishermen out there that would like to know the future of fishing in Stoughton?

Mike Larsen

City of Stoughton