In the past two years, two excellent public works employees have left our town.

The first one, an employee for 15 years, asked for a modest raise for the next year. A few days later he received a text telling him he was terminated and needed to turn in his keys.

Next the board advertised for a public works superintendent. For decades the town has had two full-time employees and a part-time snowplow driver for winter and summer help to mow the parks. The person hired for this position has limited experience with the actual work that needs to be done and chooses to set his own work hours that do not coincide with the other full-time employee.

Public works has always done the maintenance on our equipment but not since the superintendent was hired. Public works has always done tree trimming along the roads but not with the new superintendent. Tax dollars are now being spent to hire out maintenance and tree trimming.

At a meeting in May this superintendent told the board that he would take care of the parks and the other employee could take care of the roads. The board accepted this with no comment.

We have 70 miles of roads to maintain and 6 parks with other part-time help that mows the parks, trims trees, etc. This superintendent also has a wage that is quite a bit higher than the other employee.

The second employee did what he could with the roads while receiving very little cooperation from the superintendent. This employee had done excellent work for 12 years but found that he could no longer tolerate the superintendent and criticism from the town board. He has resigned.

Now, on August 18, the board has told the superintendent that he can decide who to hire to fill the vacancy. Hiring employees is the job of elected town board members, not another employee.

Residents of Pleasant Springs it is time to ask questions of this board. They are making personnel changes and changes with equipment that will affect your roads and you taxes for years to come.

Over the past 5 years this board has spent 2.3 million dollars to improve roads yet with little work done on the most heavily traveled town roads. It is past time to hold this town board accountable.

Dick Green

Town of Pleasant Springs