In this post-election mess, created by an increasingly unstable president, it’s sad to see supporters of his anti-democracy actions flying our nation’s flag upside down. It is not just a childish act, it shows a deep lack of respect for our country’s political tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

An upside-down flag signifies deep distress. Yes, there is deep distress in our nation — a pandemic spinning out of control that will surely wreak havoc on economic recovery, a military and intelligence community whose leadership and rank and file has been assaulted by an emotionally damaged Commander-In-Chief bent on placing his own twisted ego above his country and countrymen and women.

The list could go on, and it does ... on and on each day this president refuses to heed a legitimate election. But these upside-down flag flyers are not flying their flags for their country and its current battles and distress.

If they were, they would recognize the imminent danger Trump’s refusal to recognize our election poses for our nation’s future. They are flying them in support of one individual whose policies and leadership have legally been rejected by the majority of us in an electoral process that should separate us from dictatorships.

This is obviously a question of free speech, but I doubt if those flying flags upside down would even begin to understand that their statements in support of Trump are in fact an enabler of promoting a failed leader who has made more than one assault on free speech. Turn your flags right-side up and cast a vote for democracy, not lunacy.

We all need to move on.

Jake Jacobson