I have been in Pleasant Springs for 52 years, so I can say I have seen many good things and a few bad. Recently within the last few years more bad then good that is the reason for this letter.

I know for a fact that many in the Township are complaining about the lack of work happening in our once well kept Township. I myself have heard many complaints not only about the work not being done but also about the money being spent wildly. I was very concerned about the work ethics and hours of the Road Superintendent.

After doing some detective work and getting some budget information from the Township. I decided to write a letter to the Town Board members on April 15, 2020 asking for accountability on several of these very issues, after not receiving a return response, again on May 26. 2020 I wrote another letter, to my astonishment I have yet to get a response from any of them.

On two occasions within the last two years that occurred in our Township two excellent, long time road crew personnel were let go. The first, two years ago was dismissed for no good reason and just recently another road crew personnel quit due to the condition of having to contend with no work from the Road Superintendent.

I believe that the Town Board owes the Pleasant Springs residents an explanation on many of these issues.

The Township for many, many years has had two full time workers and one summer helper which was a part time position. The reason for two full time employees is because of having to take care of 75 miles of roads. We now have a Road Superintendent, and one part time helper, because of the latest worker being let go. It will be some time before another worker is hired so we will be without much work getting done.

These are just some of my observations and a few from residents regarding the work not being done:

1. No shouldering being done on many roads.

2. Gravel driveways not being cared for.

3. Weeds along side of the road because of not being mowed back to the fields, we have trees growing up and invasive weeds coming up. Some farmers have actually been mowing their own weeds because of all the weed seed getting into their fields.

4. Residents weeds not being mowed. No weed commissioner.

5. No tree trimming being done on parks trees, looks very bad.

6. Trash along the roadways not being picked up. Tires, trash, etc.

7. Little or no road patching of potholes.

8. Shore line at the boat landing is disgusting weeds growing up and not kept well. These are just a very few things, I’m sure the residents could come up with many problem areas.

Diana R. Olson

Town of Pleasant Springs