There have been recent editorials suggesting eastside residents are against KwikTrip or any development. That is not true.

However, many oppose KwikTrip’s proposed traffic pattern.

At KwikTrip’s existing site (E. Main St.) everyone has easy access in and out. Whether you are traveling east or west on Main Street, you are able to enter or exit. Conversely, left turns will not be possible at the new site.

Access to the new site is only convenient if you are traveling north on County N, where you can make right turns directly in and out of KwikTrip.

For drivers east/west bound on Hwy. 51 there is no entrance/exit to access KwikTrip. To enter, drivers can turn from both directions onto N and make an easy right turn. However, to return to Hwy. 51 and travel east, you have to make three left turns. That’s ridiculous!

If westbound, it’s somewhat easier, two left turns but they still traverse these intersections three times.

For drivers going south on N, their only two choices are to traverse through multiple intersections – turning left onto Cedarbrook or make multiple left turns at Hwy. 51, Ashberry and Cedarbrook.

Besides being less convenient for KwikTrip‘s patrons, the additional passages and left turns through these intersections will make them busier and more unsafe for all traffic using N, especially from 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.

To make a left turn from Cedarbrook onto N is particularly dangerous because visibility to the north is limited by the hill, as vehicles traveling over the marked 35 mph pop over the hill quickly.

Increasing the number of vehicles making this left turn will likely back up traffic on Cedarbrook causing accidents and congestion. Now add semi-trucks making daily deliveries to KwikTrip or Fastenal that must also enter from Cedarbrook.

If the traffic backs up on Cedarbrook, drivers may take the longer route via Ashberry Lane to Hwy 51. The intersection has no signal light. This route passes two school bus stops and a daycare center.

Regardless of the proposed KwikTrip plan, there are existing public safety issues.

Weeble World now has a split campus, so some parents may have to drop kids at both locations, requiring a left turn across traffic onto or off of Co. N at the highest traffic times.

Although only about four blocks from Kegonsa School, no school crossing is provided.

It is dangerous for pedestrians or bikers to negotiate the intersections of Hwy. N with both Hwy. 51 and Cedarbrook.

No park was dedicated to this residential area when developed and no access to Racetrack Park has been provided.

The residents living in Venevall community have a crosswalk with pedestrian caution lights to access the KwikTrip. When KwikTrip moves, how will they safely access KwikTrip?

Hopefully, this explanation will help others better understand the concern of East Stoughton citizens. It needs to be done right and safely for all citizens now and into the future.

Carol Clarke

City of Stoughton