Although I am not a Stoughton resident (having lived in Dunkirk Township since 1974), I am concerned about the city’s thoughts of removing the Stoughton dam.

Back in 1989, due to lack of repairs, the Dunkirk dam was sentenced for removal. First, the gates were fully opened and the impounded water ran out leaving a narrow width of water flow.

The impact on fish, frogs, turtles, etc. was disastrous. Waterfowl were also negatively affected. With variations in water flow more problems developed. High levels caused banks to collapse, low levels revealed mud flats that were unsightly. Again, the impact on wildlife was terrible.

When the Dunkirk dam was retained and restored, the fish, frogs, turtles, etc., as well as waterfowl flourished again.

I would urge those that are concerned to contact your council representative or city hall regarding the possible removal of the functional Stoughton dam.

Richard Albright