1. How much was invested to improve the Stoughton Dam recently? What is the projected life of our newly improved Stoughton Dam?

2. Is this proposed White Water project someone’s pet project? How can it be that there has been almost zero invested in the shoreline along the Yahara River in Stoughton over the past many many years? And now the White Water project has top billing?

3. The old retaining walls built after WWII were not maintained for 60 or 70 years.

What is in “the plan” to mitigate the shoreline after all the changes if the Stoughton Dam is Removed?

4. This white water mechanism, what does it do to water levels? Can it be turned on and off.

5. Someone said to prepare for the meeting. It is very hard to do with all the details hard to know...are they secret? Privy only to the chosen few?

6. Any changes to the dam other than improvements recently completed after public opinion was asked for to remove or repair and KEEP The Stoughton Dam feelings of the community were successful.

A tradition was set. Ask the Community about keeping the dam or destroying the Dam and wildlife, flora and fauna that have relied on it for over 100 years.

Mike Larsen

Town of Pleasant Springs