Joe Biden supports expanding affordable healthcare to millions of American families, including a new public option. His position is clear.

In contrast, the Trump Administration blocked efforts to reopen enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at a time of pandemic, when millions recently lost jobs. The GOP is today far removed from Eisenhower Republicans who, years ago, supported building-up our infrastructure, and expanded social security to better protect American families.

Wisconsin’s legislative majority also opposes affordable healthcare. It rejected hundreds-of-millions of federal dollars to expand healthcare to hardworking men and women under the ACA. Tens-of-thousands of families were denied access to the coverage they need.

Wisconsin joined other states to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in federal courts, a case now appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court. Fortunately, Governor Evers removed Wisconsin from the case, but had to battle Wisconsin Republicans in court to exercise his executive authority.

Now, eighteen Republican-controlled states, supported by the Trump Administration, want the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act, causing 20 million men and women to lose coverage entirely, and 123 million to lose their protections for preexisting conditions. Children under the age of 26 who are on their parents’ plan would be some of those losing coverage.

The Republican Party has offered absolutely no alternative plan to help American families, but instead operates only on the basis of ideological spite. What will millions of individuals and families do to survive if they lose their healthcare coverage?

All Americans have the right to affordable healthcare. This basic right is provided by every other industrialized nation. The U.S. is falling behind the world due to intense political bickering. The fact that Republicans, in Wisconsin and the Trump Administration, want to undermine healthcare at a time of pandemic and economic hardship is quite literally unbelievable.

Americans need to vote in mass and show the party of “no” that we demand healthcare as a basic right in a democratic society.

Joe Biden will bring a majority of this country together and expand hope and promise for average working families. When this basic economic right is enacted, families and individuals will be more economically secure, get ahead financially, and help the overall economy grow more too.

Jeffrey Leverich


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