As one of the newest members of the UNG team, I wish I would have known Amber better; however, there were a few things about her I won’t forget.

I learned the name of her cat, Shelby, before I knew the name of her fiance, Zach. She loved Taco Bell runs, but hated bananas. She was desperately looking for a new home because of what she referred to as the “poopy ceiling” and this is the first year she’ll miss the Great Taste of the Midwest. Her style was on-point and her work ethic was like no other.

No matter how tense Tuesday productions were, Amber would always spark funny conversations that lifted the mood. Amber was kind – not the kiss-butt kind – but the kind that seeped through even when she was being brutally honest. This is a great loss for journalism, for the UNG family and the community as a whole. #livelikeAmber

– Mackenzie Krumme