Girl Scout Troop 2485

Girl Scout Troop 2485 members Elizabeth King and Gloria Eddy hold up a plaque that commemorates all Girl Scout Gold award winners in Stoughton.

Girl Scout Troop 2485 members had a plaque made last month to commemorate all the members in the Stoughton community who have earned the Girl Scout Gold award.

The plaque resides inside the Stoughton Clock Tower building’s lower level, which is the current Opera House and former city hall, troop leader April Eddy said, among “many historical pictures and tributes.”

Stoughton High School senior and Girl Scout Troop 2485 member Elizabeth King’s name is on the plaque. King was honored in June for seeing the need for an improved space at the Mandt Center hockey arena, according to a news release.

King turned an underused room into a place where coaches and their teams can use to view film and improve skills, according to the release.

She and Eddy’s daughter, fellow high school senior Gloria Eddy, used leftover troop funds to pay for the plaque, April said. The troop will now be disbanding, April said, as both girls have graduated from the program.

“The plaque was a dream of mine as I noticed we had nothing to honor the service of Girl Scouts,” April said.

April said the Girl Scout Gold award is the “highest award that can be earned and compares to the Boy Scout eagle rank.” According to the national Girl Scouts website, the honor is awarded to 6% of scouts annually, for projects they can spend up to one to two years on.

- Emilie Heidemann