Eyes of Hope

High school members of the Girl-2-Girl and Guy Squad groups met jointly on Dec. 12 in the basement of Stoughton United Methodist Church for holiday-themed activities in 2017. From left, Stoughton High School freshman Emily Symes holds a carrot on her nose while senior Tyrees Scott and freshman Rachel Rogers wrap Symes in toilet paper to look like a snowman. Girl-2-Girl and Guy Squad are some of the regular beneficiaries of the Stoughton Area Community Foundation.

The Stoughton Area Community Foundation is accepting grant applications until midnight September 15, 2020. Grants are awarded to Stoughton area organizations in the following areas: community development, wellness, youth, historic preservation, arts, and senior programs. Grants usually range from $400 to $6,000.

Apply online at stoughtonareafoundation.org

-Mackenzie Krumme