Viking Brew Pub is open an extra day next week.

That’s so it can host the third annual Thor’s Pour senior center fundraiser Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The local brewery, normally closed on Tuesdays, will open from 6-8 p.m., offering unlimited samples of autumn ales and wines, appetizers and desserts for $25.

Money raised contributes to the Stoughton Area Senior Center’s annual $29,500 fundraising requirement from the city.

The money helps to offset projects that cannot be addressed in the regular operational budget, such as recently recovering two pool tables, which cost $1,200, senior center director Cindy McGlynn told the Hub in an email.

McGlynn explained that the senior center services the fundraiser benefits keep seniors connected to the community.

“We provide vital services to the most frail, and continuing educational and wellness activities for those that are most active,” she wrote. “We help keep older adults in the community vibrant and healthy.”

Last year, the event had more than 50 attendees and raised roughly $1,300.

Senior center food nutrition coordinator Kim Whitford will be making all the food. In years past, Whitford prepared stuffed mushroom, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, bacon wrapped pineapple, dips and cheese and crackers.

Hollee Camacho, the center’s assistant director, said the Thursday lunches Whitford prepares for senior center attendees are very popular, so she expects the food to be spectacular.

“It is a fun night, and a chance to support us and do something in the community,” Camacho said.

The event is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased at the senior center or at the door.

For information, call the senior center at 873-8585.

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