New Observer location

The new location for the Oregon Observer.

For most of the past year, Unified Newspaper Group has had an office in Verona and another in Oregon that was staffed sporadically.

That’s about to change.

Over the next few weeks, UNG, which publishes the Courier Hub, will complete the process of consolidating its limited in-person operations to the downtown Oregon office at 156 N. Main St. That includes vacating the longtime headquarters in Verona.

The move will reduce our facility costs by about 90%, facilitating our commitment to the sustainability of local journalism.

It won’t change our mostly remote work environment, however.

Much of what our journalists and advertising representatives do has been from home during the COVID-19, but we’ve been waiting impatiently for a return to when we could spend more of our time out and about in the community. As the pandemic subsides, we’re eager to do some of our writing and other, more mundane work, in coffee shops, restaurants and other hangouts.

Other changes are coming over the next several weeks and months, including a second online newsletter, updates to our website’s visual presence and offerings and potentially new subscription/membership options on our website.

For news tips, information or answers to questions from any of our news team members, leave a message on our newsroom line at 845-0167 with contact information. To ask a question for general manager Jim Ferolie, call 845-0164.

For any other general questions, call 873-6671 or pick one of the contact emails from our list on Page 4.

Email Unified Newspaper Group general manager Jim Ferolie at

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