If 2018 was the year Oregon was preparing for big things to come, 2019 naturally should be the year they start coming.

Major fundraising projects and municipal endeavors are combining with a school construction project and development on two ends of the village, which will have a new president for the first time in a dozen years.

Clearly the new school and library are at the top of the list, though they’re a couple years off from opening. Major decisions still remain for both, including the size, scope and budget of the library and the grade configuration and attendance boundaries of the school.

A new hotel opening on the east side and a new apartment complex downtown could affect local business traffic, and a housing development is in the works on the west while the village continues planning for a east-side business park.

Soon, Oregon will have a new youth center, and a local group is handling fundraising to turn Jaycee Park into a more comprehensive, up-to-date community recreational park.

As of last week, only one person had thrown her hat into the ring for village president, and that person will have to lead the board into some tough decisions for fixing the four-year-old bike path that was partially submerged almost all of 2018 and was mostly useless in 2017.