Next year and into 2021, Oregon residents might see increased traffic in the village due to U.S. Hwy. 14 improvements.

And for two months, the direct route to Stoughton will be shut down completely.

Public works director Jeff Rau warned the Oregon Village Board on Monday, Nov. 4, the closure of parts of the highway could worsen traffic conditions in the village from April through June – most notably at Perry Parkway.

That’s an intersection where several residents in recent weeks have asked the village to prioritize making it safer.

Rau pointed at a map of the village off of Hwy. 14 and onto Janesville Street and said the improvements will “definitely cause people some grief,” especially if they are driving to Stoughton or vice versa. In addition to onramps and offramps, the closure will block the road between the two roundabouts.

“(Highway 14) will be totally closed through here for about two months, and during that time, all traffic south bound will be rerouted,” Rau said.

A memo Rau sent to village administrator Mike Gracz states the Wisconsin Department of Transportation intends to “repair or replace a total of six bridges located at WIS 138, CTH MM, Cyrne Road and McCoy Road,” which will also include safety improvements including cable median barriers.

“At times, traffic will be re-routed using crossovers, lane restrictions and detours,” the memo states. “At times, this may impact traffic in and around the village significantly.”

The largest impact to the village will take place during the spring and early summer of next year, when the bridge deck at WIS 138 will be replaced. Since it is a dual lane bridge, with an alternate bridge unavailable for traffic rerouting, the DOT will reroute traffic on Highway 14 southbound and northbound onto the on/off ramps at WIS 138, blocking access to and from that road.

The memo states access to Highway 14 and 138 will be “severely limited” or “impossible” during the aforementioned time window.

“Anticipated queuing lengths (backup lengths) on Highway 14 … and at the WIS 138 area during rush hour could exceed one mile,” the memo states.

It said residents who commute to Madison will experience traffic delays, as well.

“We ask for patience as these important repairs, replacements and safety improvements are made,” the memo states. “We will continue to monitor and project schedules and determine how it will affect our village projects and traffic patterns.”

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