Lakestone Properties GDP rendering

The Lakestone Properties affordable housing proposal for Janesville Street has a similar look to the Nordic Ridge neighborhood in Stoughton.

Lakestone Properties is set to bring its affordable housing general development plan before the Village Board at its Monday, Dec. 7, meeting for a final vote.

The developer is proposing to construct three apartment buildings for families and seniors with rents below market rate at 917, 919 and 947 Janesville St.

The development plan was on the agenda for discussion at a Thursday, Nov. 12, public hearing and Planning Commission meeting. The plan received no opposition from attendees, and minimal feedback from commissioners on each building’s height.

The Planning Commission unanimously agreed to recommend the GDP to the board for its approval.

Village director of planning Elise Cruz wrote to the Observer in an email one of the only concerns commissioners had were with each buildings’ proposed height. They are similar to those of another Lakestone Properties development — a set of apartments in the City of Stoughton’s Nordic Ridge neighborhood at 1601 Hoel Ave.

The concerns stem from comments Joseph Galina, owner of the Pine Cove Apartment complex to the east, posed during the Planning Commission’s October meeting. He felt the buildings might be a little high for the area they are located.

To remedy that, the developer will do a side-by-side height comparison with nearby Janesville Street buildings, which it will reflect in its specific implementation plan, Cruz wrote.

Cruz said Lakestone Properties is likely to bring a specific implementation plan, which is one of the final steps before starting construction, before the Planning Commission in January 2021.

The development plan comprises 153 units in three or more three-story multifamily residential buildings, which would go on the southern portion of the Janesville Street site, as much of the northern portion is wetland. One building would be limited to residents aged 55 and older, Brett Rieman, a partner at Lakestone Properties, told the Village Board in October.

The residential building layouts also show a variety of apartment sizes, from studio to three-bedroom, and residents would have access to underground parking, the development plan states.

South of the apartments is a proposed commercial development with a restaurant, bank, gas station or other establishments.

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