Anderson Farm Park work day

From right, Renee Hoeft helps her 7-year-old son William pull up weeds alongside her 14-year-old daughter Natalie.

Anderson Park Friends, Inc. was awarded a grant from Dane County Environmental Council’s Community Partners and Capital Equipment programs last week.

In a June 21 news release, county executive Joe Parisi announced the grants, totalling $18,513, which will fund environmental conservation, restoration and education projects in the county.

“Through these partnerships, we are able to continue improving and conserving the county’s outdoor spaces, while also creating opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation to care for our natural resources,” Parisi said in the release.

The $1,100 grant will be used to purchase a brush cutter and pallet forks for weed control and increased access to the park’s natural areas, the release said.

Anderson Park Friends president Roe Parker wrote in an email that the park’s food pantry and community gardens will benefit from the new equipment.

“The growing of fresh vegetables at the park will help us achieve our outcome of improving the diets of many people in Dane County. The equipment will also support the efforts of over 20 local volunteers and our partner, Rooted,” he wrote in the email.

Funding for the grants comes from the county’s Land and Water Legacy Initiative and donations from local businesses, including the American Transmission Company and the Madison Gas and Electric Foundation, the release said. To be eligible, recipients must provide matching funds to complete the projects.

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